Perrinville, Here I come!

I got a job. Yup,  you are reading that right.  I got a job.   Why would I get a job?  Aren’t I busy enough with SIX kids?  Don’t I have a calling, aka non-paid job, that I am the President over all girls 12-18?   That alone is very time cunsuming in and of itself.

I was able to get B in an ALL DAY Preschool.  She gets on the bus at 8:30am and goes to school until the bus brings her home at 4pm.  It’s great.  This job fell into my lap actually.   My friend works at Perrinville and told me they were going to post the job.  It was part-time, not more than 20 hours a week.  The time was 10am-2pm.   All SIX kids would all be in school during the hours that I needed to work.   Everything just kind of fell into place.  Does it make my life more crazy that it was before, you betcha!
I had waited to get to the chapter in my life when all the kids would be in school and I could do laundry, organize drawers, shop at Target by myself, shower and shave without someone banging on the door, poop by myself,  I could pay my bills in silence,  go workout at the gym after the last kids was taking to school,

Rough Weekend…

las vegas

This weekend has been rough for me.  My sisters met up in Vegas. I couldn’t go.   I wanted to go so very badly.  I secretly hoped over the last few weeks Daniel would surprise me and tell me Wednesday night, “Hey, I got you a plane ticket- go be with them, have fun with them, soak up the sun with them, spend money with them, laugh with them.”  Wednesday came and went, no suprise ticket. Thursday came and went, no suprise ticket, Friday came and went, no plane ticket…   It didn’t happen.  Oh how I wanted it to happen so very badly…  sniff  sniff

Las Vegas is on my bucket list.  I have always wanted to go see the strip, watch a show, walk through the fancy hotels, eat at a buffet, see Hoover Dam, take pictures of the crazies, and just be with family.

Was it because my husband couldn’t take vacation days? no

Was it because I couldn’t take the time off from my new job? no. I was off 3 days this week.

Was it because I couldn’t find sitters for my little ones? no

It, was because I didn’t have the cash to buy a plane ticket, I didn’t have the cash to buy a ticket for TOFW, I didn’t have the cash for a hotel.  Plain and Simple. It sucks.

Sometimes it sucks being poor.  I have SIX children. SIX amazingly wonderful children.  There is EIGHT of us living under one roof.  It take a lot of cash to feed them, clothe them, put a shelter over their head, stuff like that.

I wish I had money to do good for those less fortunate.  I would love that.   Taking meals to people just because. Or buying their teenager a new pair of shoes because he needs the next size up and his feet are huge, huge!  I would love to send my grandmother money.  Or pay for a funeral, who may wonder just how they are going to pay for it.   I would love to send my friends flowers.  I would love to go to a restaurant and leave an enormous tip to the waiter that was so very kind to me.

I just got a text saying  “Wish you were here…”  I do too, Lis,  I do too…..  Little does she know, I am writing on my blog about missing out and feeling sorry for myself. I miss Lisa. She was a part of my life for so many years.  I just miss her….
I am sure they are having a fabulous time and I am happy for them that they got to have a girls weekend.   I just wish I were there laughing, eating, listening, talking…

Subject change: I hate spaghetti. I hate it.  When I am a millionaire, I won’t have spaghetti for dinner…   As for tonight, I need to get off and make dinner.  Guess what we are having?

It’s a rough weekend.  But I will get over it.   I always do.  I need to go listen to some Taylor Swift.  I love the song, “The Best Day..” It’ll cheer me up. That and her new CD 1989.

That’s what I’ll do, listen to that and make Spaghetti for dinner.  Go me!



I am so grateful for the friends I have in my life.  They are so good for me. They are good to me.  Some I talked to often, some not as much.  But when I talked to the ones that may be far away, we can pick up where we left off.  They like me for who I am.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Sometimes I wish I had money to help them, or fly to them, or go out to dinner with them. But I can’t.

I do get the moments when I get to go to park with them and let our kids run wild while we chat, or go to the McDonalds play place and them play while we talk and freeze our butts off because it feels like we are outside (because McDonalds can’t seem to turn in air off when it’s 30 degrees outside, bbbrrrr).  Or walk with them and chat and burn a few calories.

Sometimes I get the great opportunity to go on long car rides and chat and them, they bring me home and we spend more time in the car chatting in front of my house.

Friends are great.  Thank you for being my friend…..


Maya Angelou , she is good. Real good.

Maya Angelou


This is one of the best thing I have read.    Every sentence that she wrote or spoke went straight to my heart.   I can relate to it.
We find out what we are made of when we are called to help others.   I hope my friends know that they can count on me.   I will be there. And I know they will be there for me. Always and Forever….