Dumbbell bench press lying

Dumbbell bench press lying

Dumbbell bench press lezhaDlya strengthen chest muscles and muscles of the upper body is no better exercise than the bench press lying – bar or dumbbells in a horizontal or inclined position. This wonderful exercise not only helps build muscle and strengthen muscle tissue, but also clearly draws the terrain separating the breastbone. Most clearly noticeable when the dumbbells touch at the highest point of the amplitude. Correctly perform bench dumbbell lying on a flat bench sport will teach you this video, posted on this page.

Dumbbell bench press lezhaEsli usual for this exercise, you use a traditional bar, then in the case with dumbbells situation is somewhat different – for the proper balancing symmetry of movement and respect for a given trajectory requires some extra effort, and are utilized adjacent muscle groups. Therefore, the total weight of the projectile is slightly reduced, in order to avoid over-voltage or premature muscle fatigue. As in the case of a dumbbell chest undergoes several other loads, including deformation necessarily require adherence to proper breathing during exercise. This will help stabilize the torso and create a rigid framework muscles. Inhale is necessary at a time when the “peak” of efforts performed as breath relaxes the intercostal muscles and deprives the rest of the housing base. The longest and heaviest portion of the exercise takes place on the exhale.

Do not “push” themselves with the dumbbells forward, bending the waist – the load abruptly moves to the lower part of the sternum and at times increase the possibility of injury. Greater weight lift not you, and your hands and bring relief to the alleged damage only.
This exercise is performed several have – a neutral (palms facing each other), inclined or vertical. Neutral grip – the most difficult, and the load vector is not redistributed upper portion of the pectoralis major, the front half of the deltoid muscles and partly on the triceps muscle (triceps). For many professional athletes, especially bodybuilders, this exercise is almost the most basic, the basic element of the general physical preparation. But its performance is not as difficult as, for example, “French press”, so the dumbbell bench press on a flat bench is recommended for beginners and athletes.
Technique exercises:

• The exercise is performed only with a straight back and straight body.
• Dumbbells rise vertically above the body.
• Hands are extended, but nor out at the elbows. Wrists straight.
• Dumbbells gently fall almost horizontally. Hands slightly bent. Experienced athletes can increase the angle of over 180 degrees.
• Take the starting position.

When performing this exercise uses the following muscle groups: major and minor pectoral, deltoid, triceps, forearm muscles.


Effective ways of learning English

Effective ways of learning English

Learning English today is relevant to the whole world – for both children and adults, for students of all universities, employees of any scope and structure. The reason is that modern life is becoming more rapid and cosmopolitan, lost the borders between countries, so foreign language is a prerequisite for building a business, finding partners, travel and normal communication with other countries.

In addition to learning English directly in schools, institutions of higher education courses, there are many ways to learn the language even if not perfectly, but at least contribute to a more efficient absorption of the material, vocabulary, learning grammatical rules at home.

One of the most effective ways to learn English is to view the TV series, films not with the usual translation (dubbing, usually), but with subtitles. Listening to and reading a foreign language translation, the viewer somehow produces simultaneous translation in consciousness and remembers some of the words. Particularly relevant this method for those who want to learn spoken language for travel and communication. After all those grammatical structures and words that is taught in schools and universities do not always use native speakers.

Any language is constantly changing system that transforms from day to day. There are some words and go to the periphery of the other, simplified grammar, etc. And it is in the movies all you can hear and remember. Learn the terms and English at a level sufficient to negotiate with partners and training in the country, of course, will not succeed. But remember the most commonly used phrases and words is quite real, so this method is suitable for travelers.

Well it affects the assimilation of vocabulary and spoken phrases, expressions, listening to music in a foreign language. But in this case it has a value that is listening to the pupil – it is desirable that it was known compositions with a simple vocabulary, as the complex at the hearing can not be perceived. Listening to songs and watching movies in the original, in addition, it makes it possible to learn the correct pronunciation, which is not able to give any one teacher (only if it is not a native speaker). This method is extremely effective, and allows the student to unconsciously adopt the manner of speaking, pronouncing certain sounds right.

Enough effective method of learning a foreign language is to read books with the translation, search works (for example, here: http://engmaster.ru/comp). First student reads the text in the original and is trying to understand what was going on, and then compare their guesses with the translation. Despite the seeming simplicity and primitive, this method makes it possible to connect an active memory, learn new words and remember the old, to learn to understand a foreign text to search for links between the proposals and to take a common sense, even if not understand certain words and phrases, whole sentences.


Drew’s first haircut

Drew get a haircut

We decided to cut Drew’s hair after his nap today.  It was getting long and he was always getting food in it. He would also pull on it around his ears all the time.  I think it turned out pretty good, considering he was all over the place.  I tried to hold his head while Daniel cut but it was pretty difficult.   He looks less like a baby and more like a toddler.  Kind of sad,  but I can’t keep him a baby forever..

Drew's haircut (2)

I am 26 weeks pregnant

26 weeks pregnant

I am 26 weeks pregnant. This time at the Dr, the highlight was getting my blood drawn for a glucose test. I took the nasty lemon-lime drink at 8:40am just before taking the kids to school. You have to have it in your system for 1hr before they draw the blood.  The entire walk to and from school a burp a zillion times- 🙂 Thank goodness, the test is over and done with. I hope I pass so I don’t have to take the 3 hour test, that would suck!

It was weird going to the “check out” after my appt. and setting up in 4 weeks.  I realized while I was looking at my calendar for the 3rd week of October, I will be 30 weeks pregnant. Boy this pregnancy going by fast! Too fast,  and I am so not ready. Believe it or not, I actually hope this little guy/girl stays in until after Christmas. The due date is Dec 27th, so coming anytime between 27th-31st would be great!

Catch the Sunshine

Bilbo invited my two oldest kids over for the afternoon to hang out at her house, plan a FHE, complete with a treat.  They ended up planning two weeks worth.  Zoey’s was in charge of the lesson this past Monday and Jack will be in charge of lesson tomorrow night. It was fun.  I love it that my kids are old enough to plan the lessons. Zoey and Jack have planned some pretty awesome FHE this past year.

Here’s the YUMMY treat Bilbo made with the kids!!