Ho, Ho, Ho

I have managed to track down Santa’s Email address, don’t ask how, legally I can’t tell you, but i did it.  If you would like to email Santa and give him your wishlist then use the following Email address and Santa will be sure to get your letter, who knows he might even respond back.


Merry Christmas

The Hill Blog Admin

Welcome to the Hillreport blog site

Welcome to the Hillreport blog section. I know what you are all thinking, and yes I really am this awesome. If that was not what you where thinking, you should have been.

From this blog site you can check up on how we are doing and if we have any news or announcements like…Senta and I are expecting again…It will be on here, we are not expecting again, but if we where, you could read all about it.

I hope you enjoy spending countless hours reliving all the exciting moments of our lives. However it is kind of depressing to know that the greatest moments in someone’s life can be cut down to a few lines in a blog.