Perrinville, Here I come!

I got a job. Yup,  you are reading that right.  I got a job.   Why would I get a job?  Aren’t I busy enough with SIX kids?  Don’t I have a calling, aka non-paid job, that I am the President over all girls 12-18?   That alone is very time cunsuming in and of itself.

I was able to get B in an ALL DAY Preschool.  She gets on the bus at 8:30am and goes to school until the bus brings her home at 4pm.  It’s great.  This job fell into my lap actually.   My friend works at Perrinville and told me they were going to post the job.  It was part-time, not more than 20 hours a week.  The time was 10am-2pm.   All SIX kids would all be in school during the hours that I needed to work.   Everything just kind of fell into place.  Does it make my life more crazy that it was before, you betcha!
I had waited to get to the chapter in my life when all the kids would be in school and I could do laundry, organize drawers, shop at Target by myself, shower and shave without someone banging on the door, poop by myself,  I could pay my bills in silence,  go workout at the gym after the last kids was taking to school,

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