My Life. Shared.

I have decided to get back blogging.  This is my journal in some sort of weird twisted  way.    I like to write.  I like to write about me. I like to write about my family.  The good, the bad, the just plain ugly, not so “Jone’s” way we are.  I like that we aren’t what the world calls “normal”.  I am not normal, I never was really…  I am cool with that,  I always have been.  It’s how I roll.  Whether Zoey likes it or not, she is just like me!  And my family,  we became “not normal” when I had more than 4 children.  People ask, are you nuts? What were you thinking?  Well I was thinking, my husband was looking pretty dang that night , about 9 months before, the littlest chicken nugget came. Do they want more details?

As for me and Facebook,  we have a love/hate relationship. Facebook came into my life and it was great for a few minutes.  It got easier to waste my time on facebook surfing around to see what my friends are up too, when in reality, I don’t really care what they eat for dinner, how much weight they loose, what 1/2 marathon they just ran, how they are choosing to not eat sugar or fast food, or what cutesy thing they spent way to long making on Pinterest. .  Don’t get me wrong,  I am happy for them, 2 thumbs up to you. It’s just not my thing.
Every one has different “things”.  Mine is my blog.  And my kids. And a Mcdonalds Coke, large.  And texting. And people watching.  I really like to people watch.  In fact, on bucket list is to go with Daniel (no kids) on a trip to NY, central park and sit on a bench and watch people.  Get myself a large coke, that probably isn’t a $ at Mcdonalds but more  like $2.99- after all, it is Central Park- and just sit in the sun and watch people from ages 1-99 walk by.

I also want to zip line, and go on a trip with my brothers and sisters, all 5 of them without kids, like no kids at all.  Daniel would be the youngest one there.
I also want to go to Hawaii, like my sis Steph just did.  Her trip looked so dreamy.   Multiple times a day I would get on Instagram and look at her pictures, close my eyes and wish I were there.

I also want to say I have been to every state, every single state!    Wouldn’t that be cool?    I want to rich enough one day to help others when they need it most.

I want to help out at a soup kitchen on Christmas morning. I want my kids to be right beside me , helping me.  There is something so special giving a meal to someone who truly appreciates it.

I miss walking with my friend Chris.  We walked and we talked.  I miss that.

I want to go back to Europe and vacation.  Italy, London, Spain, Germany, Austria, Ireland ( I have never been to Ireland), Switzerland. I want to drive on the autobahn. Linda Bosworth, always made it look so fun.   If I do go back someday, I will drive fast, listen to music loudly and think of her.    I think of Linda K Boz often…   She and Zoey have the same Bday.  I remember her telling me once Oct 29th was a great day to be born, that was when I realized that Zoey shared it with her.

I want Jack to get his Eagle project paperwork stuff done.  He is almost there, and everything has stopped.   I just keep telling myself, he will do it, he will do it….

Zoey just came home from working at Little Ceasars and she has a coke. A McDonald’s coke!  How dare she come into this house and buy one for her and not me..   What was she thinking?  She wasn’t!   I will forgive her this time, seeing as though it’s 8:26pm and if I drank it I would be up all night I bet.

We eat Pizza once a week. We are that kind of family.  Some days I just don’t want to cook.

When I type, I like to listen to church music. Currently the song is  “I Heard Him Come” by Afterglow.   This is one of my favorite songs.  It’s so good.  Who ever is still reading this and gives a crap, go look up on  and listen to it. It’s great!     I like church music and I like a good beat, rap music.  It’s cool…. Taylor Swift new CD 1989 is my current jam.

Times like today, I want to freeze.  I want to freeze now.  The kids are being super loud in the family room.  I don’t want the kids to grow up…  Can’t we be like this forever and ever?  Why do the days have to go by so fast.

Sometimes I look at Daniel and think, He better not die first.  I don’t know what I would do without him.  When I think that I think of the song by Hilary Weeks, If I only had today…”   It’s another fav of mine.  It’s so good.

I type what I am thinking,  and it’s like there is a bouncy ball in there somewhere and I type what I am thinking, at that moment…

Okay,  my PM meds are kicking in, I need to get bed.  I work tomorrow. Yes I work now, as if I weren’t busy enough.  That’s for another post.

Until tomorrow……





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