I said I wouldn’t be this way but….

I told myself when the last 1/4 of the year hit and my life got insanely busy that I wouldn’t stop blogging, even if they were short I wouldn’t stop.

I stopped. .

School hit.  The month of September is always CRAZY!  I started making appointments for me and the kids to get into dr. dentists. eye. ear. before the end of the year.  Open houses happened. Field trips. Fund raisers. Getting up at 5am for seminary, I will never enjoy this.  Birthdays have begun.  Zoey’s just happened-  HAPPY 16th, my love!  I hope I can blog about out amazing trip with Kaitlyn and Lisa.

Tomorrow is Drew’s Bday and he thinks he is having a friend party, and he isn’t.  I am sure tomorrow is going to be interesting. He is very excited to turn 5, very excited.  He has been talking about it ALL WEEK!

Next week is Lucas’s, he will be double digits!   10 baby.  My sweet little guy will be 10, that’s so crazy.

Then comes Thanksgiving, quick trip to DC for my brothers retirement party, Birdie’s bday, my bday and Christmas. And, I have a total of 25 appts to go to BEFORE Dec 31st.   That’s Dr. Dentists. Specialists. Ear. Eye. I have 5 teacher conferences  .,  well I guess I should say 15 teachers to see.

I don’t write this to brag,  I only write this because someday when I am much older and the kids have families of their own and are living a life,  I can smile and say I remember those days.  And hopefully I am able to live near to help them out so they can go on field trips with their little ones, Dr appointments without small children in tow.  And maybe meet their spouse for lunch while I babysit their wee little angels….

Until then…..

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