Windstar Wo’s

I  got up yesterday morning and got all the kids up and ready for the day.  At 9:40am, after all the kids were settled into a TV show, I headed out the door to go to breakfast with 2 friends.  One of then is moving this week to Vernal Utah, so they wanted to get together with me one last time.

I headed out to the car, all by myself and ready to go.  I was going to go to breakfast,  head to Walgreen to pick up B’s prescription, go to Joe Ranendazoo’s for fruits and veggies and then to Meijer to get a few groceries that I desperately needed.   I was so excited to be going by myself.  When you take kids with you anywhere, it’s takes twice as long, there is always a fight, a tantrum, and a frustrated mom.   So the thought of being able to go had already made my day, no it made my week!

I hopped in my car.  That’s where it turned for the worse.

I turn on the car,  no issues. I turned the air conditioning, still no issues.  Then I put the car into reverse and I slowly go down my driveway.  At first I didn’t know that it wasn’t working.  But as I got to the end of my drive-way and my car in the street I thought to myself- self: “I wonder why my car was going so slow..?  uuummm”   I then put it into DRIVE, touch the gas and nothing. It didn’t move. I put it into DRIVE 1 and then DRIVE 2 still nothing.  I turned off the car 9after putting it into PARK of course.Counted to 10 and then turned it back on.  Started up nicely. So i put it into DRIVE and touch the gas. NOTHING!  My stupid car that was angle in the street wouldn’t budge.

After yelling at it, saying I should’ve bought a Honda, Odyssey and then saying a little prayer, I tried once again.  Same thing, NOTHING!  This car wasn’t going anywhere.

So what does a girl have to do when a car is stuck in the middle of the road and her husband is at work? PUSH IT all by myself.  And that is what I did. running from the back of the van up to the steering wheel, guiding the stupid thing to the curb in front of my house.  It wasn’t the easiest thing I have ever done but I did it.  All by myself.

After that, I got back in the car and called my friend  Amanda.  By now it was just a few minutes before 10am. Thank goodness , she was running late.  I am not a fan of getting places late,  but I was grateful she was there for me. 🙂  I asked her if she could pick me up so I didn’t have to miss out on the breakfast.  She said yes and was on her way to my house. After all that I needed some girl time/food with my friends.

I see her driving down the street so I get out of my car and hanging up with Daniel.  I hop in her car and I hear-  RRRRIIIIPPPPP!!!   Oh my gosh,  I burst out laughing. She said- What was that?  I said-  I think my pants.  I pants totally ripped.  All I could do is laugh.  This is my life I told her.  The butt, front butt area was basically ripped all up.  She asked if I wanted to go change real quick, but I knew if I went back into the house, Drew and B would freak out and want to go.  We had already did the whole “goodbye kisses, hugs, tears that I am abandoning them ordeal…   I looked at the damage and told her to go ahead and drive.  I would be okay. We laughed and went on our merry way to eat.  It was a nice breakfast.

I came home, got busy and never changed my pants.  Throughout the day, they proceeded to tear and by evening, it was a mess. lol   Such is my life.

That night, Ken and Tamara came over.  Ken and Daniel towed it to a mechanic to get it diagnosed.  But we are pretty sure it’s the transmission.  And Daniel was looking them up and said windstars has problems with them and people have said it could cost anywhere between $3000-$5000 to fix.  The car has almost 112,000 miles on it and we don’t want to drop that kind of money into this car.

Basically, we are a 1 car family right now and that car is a 1998 Ford Taurus that seats  FIVE. Yes only FIVE and we are a family of EIGHT!  So basically, as of today, I have no idea what  we are going to do…

Cars suck!


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