B pooped

I am pretty upset about my blog not working.  Daniel said weeks ago that it would only take a few days to fix.  It’s STILL not fixed.  I have wanted to blog but couldn’t.

Today was an extra crazy day today. Visiting teaching all morning, then the grocery store, then I had to stop at Tamara’s and get a sleep bag- long story that just makes me grumpy.

On the way home from Tamara’s house, my little animal pooped her pants. She didn’t have a diaper on.  I was so frustrated but at the same time,  I had to laugh because she was so cute about it.  She said in her B –like way.  “Mommy, I poooooped”   She had her head tilted and side smile, it reminds me a lot of her cousin Brooklyn.  Actually, a lot of her reminds me of her cousin.  I wish Brooklyn could be near sometimes so I could show her how much B reminds me of her.

Her hair was a mess. Her hair is always a mess.  Bangs are always falling in her face.  Her curls are usually half in rats nest.  Her hair is crusty too.   Even when she is looking rough she is still so cute!  I just want to grab those cheeks and squeeze them.  I love to cuddle her.  And she loves to dance. We often dance to the song “Never Grow Up” my Taylor Swift.    That’s our song….

I love my little peanut, and secretly I wish for you to never grow up and stay this small forever.

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  1. She’s adorable, crazy hair and all. I want to keep Katie little forever, too. They’re so stinking cite at this age!

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