Easter 2012

This picture is the only one without silly faces

I decided before church I would take a few photos of the kids all dressed up.  It was Easter and the kids all had something new on so it seemed like the perfect time to get a few shots of these great looking kiddos.  Jack, Nolan, and Lucas all got new ties. B, Drew and Zoey were all in new outfits.  They were looking great!

I sat them down on the couch and that’s when all craziness started.  B started crying because she didn’t want anyone to touch her, or sit next to her. When there is 5 other people that need to sit on the couch, it’s impossible to cater to her wants.  Nolan’s shirt un-wearable, so he is in a brown polo. The others managed to stay clean for the most part.

It was impossible to get them all to look at me and smile.  I quickly gave up and decided to just do silly faces. We look funky and weird more times than we look normal any way..

Our Easter ended up being comical and nice.  We BBQ.  I was going to make a ham, potatoes, etc.. but they all voted against me and wanted to do a BBQ so we did.  Daniel and I headed out on Saturday night for last minute BBQ items. Tamara, Ken, and Eric ended up coming over to eat and have an Easter Egg Hunt. Tamara and Ken were away for their anniversary but they came home early so we got to spend a few hours with them.

I also went to see my friend Emily.  She had just had her 3rd baby, a boy named Asher.  I went up to the hospital and hung out with her and was able to cuddle the him.  It was great!

Easter was good.

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