My health. My body. My life.

2012 hasn’t been a good year for me thus far. I am not being down on myself, just truthful.   Daniel started back school with 13 credits (4 classes),  The family has battled sickness, sickness, and more sickness.  I got sick just a week before my surgery, that was crazy!!  I spent most of January and February completed exhausted.  I was so tired that if I could I wouldn’t been able to take a 3-4 hour nap ontop of my full nights sleep.   It was crazy and I had never been that tired in my non-pregnant life.  I wasn’t ever able to because my two little munchins, lol.

On March 16 I had surgery. It took me a full 7 days at home to get back to normal.  But I seem to be doing better now.  (that another post)  I was put on meds in Feb. because I have been retaining water and my blood pressure has been high.

I was also put on 50,000 IU of vitamin D because it was very low..  The meds have really helped alot.  Well the blood pressure and vitamin D have.  I still look like I am retaining water my fingers are still pretty puffy.  But I am going back ot the Dr. in April and maybe they will un the dosage of those meds.

But since the surgery, I have been feeling better.  I think the vitamin D has really helped me with the tiredness that I had been feeling in the winter months.   This week is the first week all year that I have been seeing signs of my old self.  The old self from about 4 years ago, before I got pregnant with Drew.  It feels good.  It actually feels great!!!

I plan to get back on my routine workout schedule Monday morning. I feel good. I feel real good.  I have gained about 30 since B has been born.  My healthand my body has been way out of wack.  But with help from my Dr. and suggestions from my friend Mandee  I have high hopes from here on out.  It’s not going to be easy losing this weight that came on so quickly or getting my body, mind and health back-  but it’ll be worth it for sure!  I am excited to get to walking again at night with my friend Chris, not only do I get to walk with her (just she and I) but I get a little bit of therapy too. 🙂  I am excited to get back to the gym. I am excited to to use some of Mandee suggestions for my health. I am excited to be awake and alive again.

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