The Birth, part 1

I got a call from Senta on Monday, she was driving to her doctor appointment. This is pretty routine, her OB\GYN office is literally 5 minutes from the house. She arrived at the office and said she would call back, ths was at noon.  At One she called to say, my blood pressure is really high, so my doctor wants me to go and have an ultrasound done. At two, she called from her labor and delivery room… Apperently the ultrasound was fine, but she was given two options, one get admited and induce labor because her blood pressure kept rising, or two, go home and lay in bed for the next week… Hello easy answer. Since it would be impossible to lay in bed for a week with 5 kids, one of which was 13 months old, she choose to be admitted.  I got out of work by 4, due to the fact I was the only one in my deartment working Monday and tuesday, other than our intern, that is, so i had several things i had to juggle around. I went home, said hello to Senta’s parents, Hello to my kids, changed, gathered Senta’s needed items, and was out the door to the hospital.  I arrived about 5 after they had given Senta ? to help her contractions along.

It is now 12:35 am Tuesday morning, her contractions have slowed, and her doctor was kind enough to give her ambicore to sleep, but i didn’t get any, and it’s a good thing to. Senta got a little nausious about 45 minutes ago, not to mention the sleep aid has made her a little loopy.  She is getting a shot of fenerin, to help with the nausia.

Right now we are in a holding pattern until the morning, at that point i beleive they will be pushing potosin, and the real fun should begin.

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