We’re back….Mostly

After a malware issue, and a database corruption, Hillreport is back online….well, mostly back on line, I still have about 10 thousand lines of code to edit to correct the pictures, and categories of posts, oh and if you where a registered member, you will need to resister again, and I’d do it soon.  To prevent this from happening again, I’m going to be a bit more Fort Knox and a little less Yellowstone on access to the site.

Keep checking back for more info…


Camping with my 11yr old

Last weekend, October 18th-19th, Senta took Zoey to Chicago…This is not about that trip. The same weekend Senta took Zoey, Nolan had an 11 yr old campout scheduled with the older boy scouts in our ward, and thanks to some helpful family members, who where willing to sleep over at our place, to watch the rest of the kids, I was able to take him.

The day started off with a huge work project, we moved 2 departments from our location in Dearborn, to a location in Southfield. The morning went ok, and I was looking good on meeting the scouts at 5:30. Our group went to the new location at 2:00 to meet with the moving company so we could unload and setup the computers…they where late…2 hours late. We started setting computers up at 4:00, and finished around 6:00. I made it home, packed the car, and was out the door with Nolan by 7:00. We arrived sometime around 7:45 to discover that the older boys bailed, and opted for a sleep over  instead, and one of the 11 yr old scout leaders had to work. So it was Nolan and another boy, his dad, the scout master and me. The older boys scout master also come to the campout and hung for a bit.

Dinner consisted of bacon wrapped hot dogs, and S’mores. Nolan, not a huge fan of hot dogs, discovered it was quite easy to cook bacon on a campfire with a stick. After dinner, we cleaned up, prepared for bed, and went to sleep. It got pretty cold that night, so rather than dealing with a freezing son, I brought our tent heater…yep they make them. I have a 2 man backpacking tent, that is designed to keep heat in, as well as providing a sheltered vestibule, its basically a modernized pup wp_ljhk_20131019_001tent. The heater gets that thing warm…it was around 40 degrees outside, but inside the tent, Nolan was sleeping on top of his sleeping bag. The only downside was when I turned the heater off, Nolan forgot it was there and accidently touched the grate, it gave him what he said, was a pretty cool looking burn mark.

Around 4:00am the rain started…and it didn’t stop…

We woke up the next morning, broke down camp, and made breakfast…all in the rain. Nolan made pancakes, and did a great job. after we where all cleaned up, we made our way to the Island Lake Shooting wp_ljhk_20131019_003Range. the older boys meet us up there, some of them where working on their rifle merit badge while others their shotgun merit badge. Nolan, was going to shoot rifles, but first he had to get his protection gear…he was supper excited he got “budder” glasses…(Minecraft thing)

As we walked down to the rifle range, Nolan got nervous. He said “I don’t really want to shoot”…I told him, just shoot one clip, and if it’s not your thing we can leave.  Nolan was shooting a Ruger Sr-22, which fires a .22 caliber round. Nolan though it was neat that it had a scope on it . The range only allows 6 rounds to be loaded at a time, but that’s all it took. Nolan loved it…He went through about 40 rounds, and then tried a few rounds on a lever action .22, then he was to cold and wet for it to be fun anymore so we made our way back to the car and headed home. It was a good day…It was the first time in a long time he said to me “Dad, thanks for bringing me, this was fun”

The Birth, part 1

I got a call from Senta on Monday, she was driving to her doctor appointment. This is pretty routine, her OB\GYN office is literally 5 minutes from the house. She arrived at the office and said she would call back, ths was at noon.  At One she called to say, my blood pressure is really high, so my doctor wants me to go and have an ultrasound done. At two, she called from her labor and delivery room… Apperently the ultrasound was fine, but she was given two options, one get admited and induce labor because her blood pressure kept rising, or two, go home and lay in bed for the next week… Hello easy answer. Since it would be impossible to lay in bed for a week with 5 kids, one of which was 13 months old, she choose to be admitted.  I got out of work by 4, due to the fact I was the only one in my deartment working Monday and tuesday, other than our intern, that is, so i had several things i had to juggle around. I went home, said hello to Senta’s parents, Hello to my kids, changed, gathered Senta’s needed items, and was out the door to the hospital.  I arrived about 5 after they had given Senta ? to help her contractions along.

It is now 12:35 am Tuesday morning, her contractions have slowed, and her doctor was kind enough to give her ambicore to sleep, but i didn’t get any, and it’s a good thing to. Senta got a little nausious about 45 minutes ago, not to mention the sleep aid has made her a little loopy.  She is getting a shot of fenerin, to help with the nausia.

Right now we are in a holding pattern until the morning, at that point i beleive they will be pushing potosin, and the real fun should begin.

That wasn’t so difficult….

All Sparkly....

As many of you know, our site has been down for a few weeks.

The problem was that somehow, a redirect script was planted on our site via a Trojan upload.

Don’t worry, there is no risk to anyone who has, or will visit.

The script basically replicated itself across all of the HTML pages within the site.

I was able to remove all the malicious code, re-build the site, and restore all the pictures.

I hope you all enjoy; I know Senta has been chomping on the bit to get back on her blog.